Whatever your reasons for looking to buy a London property, whether it be your dream home, an investment opportunity or a holiday getaway, the fact remains, it can be a complicated, drawn out and overwhelming process.

What most buyers are unaware of is that they don’t have to go through it alone. Increasingly, buyer’s agents are becoming more and more popular. These are real estate professionals who represent the buyer, keeping your needs and interests at the forefront of their focus whilst also making the process easier and far less painful for you.

These buyer’s agents are being used more and more in today’s property market, we wanted to give you a few reasons to consider using one the next time you’re looking to buy.


Reason 1 – They work for YOU

The majority of property buyers will work directly with the agent who lists the property or properties they are interested in. Or they simply register with these listing agents and wait for them to send over details of new matches they think you’ll be interested in.

The main problem with these agents is of course, that they get paid by the seller. Their earning is based on the price they sell the property for. Therefore, they represent the seller in the house buying dynamic. They’re not really on your side.

The buyer’s agent represents you and your interests. Looking out for what you want from the process.


Reason 2 – Negotiation Skills

Again, if we take the most common situation, you (the buyer) are dealing directly with the estate agent when it comes to negotiating the price. These are often very skilled negotiators and, remember, they’re not on your team. They want to sell the property for the highest price they can get, because that gives them the most commission.

The buyer’s agent however, is also a skilled property professional, seasoned negotiator and, best of all, they’re entirely on your side. Their aim is to get the best deal they can for you. They can advise what aspects of the property are the best negotiating points, the key factors to consider and the best way to structure an offer.

They’re your agent. Not the seller’s.


Reason 3 – They know what to Look for

Being seasoned property professionals, your buyer’s agent can not only help you find the dream home you’re looking for, but they can also help advise on the little details you might want to consider.

It is a regular occurrence that a detail missed by a buyer does not emerge until years later. It is precisely these pitfalls that your agent is there to help you avoid.


Reason 4 – They’re ready for the hurdles

Very few homebuying deals go through without a single hiccup. All the way from surveys, inspections, pricing appraisals, price negotiations and so on. It is almost guaranteed that there’ll be a snag somewhere along the line.

Perhaps the most attractive thing about a buyer’s agent is that they are ready and prepared for such eventualities and, for the most part, can take the vast majority of the work out of your hands and resolve it for you.


Reason 5 – Nothing to lose

Better still, a buyer’s agent fee can sometimes be covered by the seller, which means you’re getting personal representation with zero risk and zero investment. If they don’t help you buy your house, they don’t get paid. You are in a win-win situation with really no viable argument why NOT to use a buyer’s agent.


If you would like to know more about how a buyer’s agent could help you, contact Walton Estates today.