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New vs Old Properties


Until recently there were two separate camps of buyers. Those who would only consider period properties with their “character” and original features, and those who favoured the easy-living low-maintenance of newbuild.

There may be new developments popping up all over London as housebuilders scramble to serve the property needs of an ever-growing capital, but it has been discovered that only 1 in 5 Brits prefer new built properties.

Victorian luxury London

According to Architecture Today, Brits favour older properties as they provide far superior floor space. With more and more densely populated new build developments springing up everywhere, people often feel they need more room. Something that a Victorian or Edwardian townhouse can provide you with. A period property offers beautiful features, tall ceilings and an abundance of character, as well as the potential to add value by renovating and extending.

Another benefit of older homes is that they were built by master craftsmen with faultless attention to detail. They have weathered the storm and stood tall for decades, sometimes even centuries, proving themselves as sturdy and reliable structures. Something that can never be guaranteed with new builds. Moreover, a period property will usually be surrounded beautiful, mature trees and vegetation whilst also being located much closer to the centre of a town or city.


Whilst older properties excite and charm us, they do have some drawbacks. Generally speaking, period properties are less energy efficient than modern ones. They may also have historic defects and/or increased maintenance liabilities which require specialist contactors and as such the cost of maintenance and repair may well be higher than a modern property.

In addition to this, modern properties are built to stringent building regulation standards and thermal insulation properties are likely to be better than those present in period properties. Not only can this help reduce energy costs but it can also reduce maintenance costs for things such as; dampness, condensation and resultant defects.

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