Our Team




Owner & Managing Director

Simon Dredzen acts as a property finder and independent sales agent in prime central London for home buyers, investors and developers. Simon has assisted many investors in building up their property portfolios, finding development opportunities, and assisting buyers in finding their ideal home. Simon provides professional and independent property search and acquisition advice to identify the right home or investment opportunity for his clients. As a property investor, former solicitor and investment banker, Simon has all the necessary skills to ensure a smooth and successful property transaction based on substantial experience and knowledge of the prime central market.


Aldine Honey


Aldine Honey has over 30 years of serving private clients she has unique access to many off market opportunities. Aldine advises private clients and companies regarding commercial investments in central London which includes hotels and offices. She has in-depth knowledge of the London property market and of prime properties not on the open market, as well as access to an extensive working network of professionals ranging from bankers, surveyors architects, decorators.



Realty Specialist & Head of Sales (Wandsworth)

Sharon has had an eclectic experience in business. From running a successful publishing house with offices in London, Hong Kong and Sydney, to working in local committees, charities and schools.   In 2011, she started a customer services company in Wandsworth. The company grew rapidly, allowing Sharon to expand her network throughout London, selling the company successfully in January 2017.   Sharon is highly experienced in sales, her knowledge and skills give her a solid foundation in delivering a first-class customer service. She has bought and sold homes throughout Wandsworth and Clapham for over twenty years. There is very little, and very few people, she doesn’t know in the area.   Sharon’s recent experience of estate agents prompted her to think of a career change. In 2016 she had three different agents value her home and was staggered at the difference in prices she was given, leaving her unsure as to whom she could trust with her most valuable asset.   She decided to seek the advice of Simon Dredzen of Walton Estates and was impressed by a fresh and different approach that his agency offered. She realised that by joining Walton Estates, she could offer a level of insight, customer service and market knowledge in Wandsworth, Battersea and Clapham that she had found lacking in other Estate Agents she had previously encountered.          


Karan Davatwal

Lead Agent

Karan’s approach is unique and tailored exactly to your requirements. Developing client-centric and detailed strategies to help you achieve your property objectives. Utilising advanced digital marketing techniques and exclusive partnerships Karan stands himself out from the crowd in three key ways; skill, exposure and protection. Working as a pro-active property finder for both home buyers and investors as well as an exclusive sales and lettings agent, Karan’s offering is diverse and well-founded. With his aim always to maximise your bottom line and keep time and hassle to a minimum, Karan not only keeps on top of current market trends, but also analyses future developments to help his clients stay ahead of the market.

With the support of the established Walton Estates and Keller Williams, Karan has the tools to suffice all your property needs; from the sale of your property to aiding in finding your dream home. Access to unique resources, exclusive partnerships and a powerful team behind him, Karan’s value and client centric bespoke service goes above and beyond.


Head of Marketing

Oliver’s background is in Direct Marketing where he specialised in creating targeting advertising campaigns for small and medium sized businesses to generate leads and increase sales. He’s now focused his attention to the property industry as head of marketing at Walton Estates in Kensington where he uses his skills / knowledge to source potential buyers and sellers of prime residential property in central London.



Executive Assistant

Stefanie looks after all manner of different tasks and day-to-day management of the company. She is the vital cog that keeps the wheels turning, taking care of new property listings, marketing, design, content production and much more besides.   With twelve years of experience in working as an executive assistant to numerous business owners and corporate companies, Stefanie has a diverse and wide-ranging knowledge of the smooth operation of any business. She ensures that Walton Estates is always on top of things.

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