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New research has revealed that there has been a rise in the number of landlords in the UK who are planning to purchase their next property through a limited company. The research from Foundation Home Loans conducted in September 2019, shows that almost two thirds of landlords intended to purchase future properties through a private […]

A number of factors have recently effected the property sector, higher taxes, more stringent mortgage rules, political and economic uncertainty and so on. This has made the buy-to-let market less attractive to existing and potential landlords. But the reality is that property is still a solid and stable long-term investment. With savings rates from banks […]

Probably the most frequent question we are asked is; When will the government reform the penal Stamp Duty rates applicable to property purchases which has caused a plunge in the level of transactions and property activity across the country? The short answer is, not for a long time. Especially, given that Stamp Duty revenues have […]

A recent survey conducted by Z/Yen global finance centres index puts London firmly in the top spot of world financial centres. Extending its lead over closest rival, New York, to remain and indeed cement its position is the world’s most attractive financial centre. The gap between London and New York is the widest it has […]

Now that Teresa May has finally triggered Article 50, Brexit has been brought sharply into focus its effect on property prices and in particular on the capital. Much has been written about the effect of Brexit on property prices. It is important to distinguish between different market – firstly prime central London (PCL) covering the […]

According to recent research, 4 in 10 London home-owners are selling their premium properties to free-up savings. With the largest proportion of sellers aged between 55-80 years of age, 1 in 10 of these planned to substantially reduce the size of their next property. Around half of those selling in central London, where average house […]

There was a time in the not-so-distant past that the real estate property markets in
 Monaco and London were vastly different. Times change, and so does the
 real estate market. Today, the prime real estate markets in central London and 
Monaco look much more like twins, both with similar features, trends and buyer
 profiles, and they represent Europe’s leading locations for luxury property.

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