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What are renters not willing to compromise on?


Recent research carried out by the property portal Zoopla has thrown new light on the habits of renters across the UK. The survey suggests that renters are generally quite flexible when it comes to the location of the property, but there a wide number of things on which they were simply unwilling to compromise.

The survey showed that 61% of renters are not set on the area they are looking to live in, but they are not flexible when it comes to access to local amenities, such as shops, bars and entertainment.

This new study asked the participants what they would or would not be willing to compromise on when it came to renting their next property. Their responses were collated and ranked in order to produce a top ten priorities list on a renter’s radar when deciding what property to rent.

The top ten that came out were:

  1. Nearby amenities (shops, bars, entertainment etc)
  2. Number of bedrooms
  3. Size of property
  4. Outside space (garden or balcony etc)
  5. Distance from place of work
  6. Price
  7. Décor/furnishings
  8. Proximity to transport links
  9. Standard of the property (general maintenance, cleanliness)
  10. Proximity to family/friends

The results surprised some. Zoopla’s spokesperson commented that it is revealing to discover that renters are more likely to prioritise access to local amenities over the number of bedrooms and the price of the property.

Given that the research indicates that the majority of renters are open-minded on location, this provides an opportunity for us to introduce renters to new areas that they might not have considered themselves.

The rental market is growing in the UK year on year, with mortgages becoming harder to gain and getting that first foot on the property ladder beyond the reach of so many, this trend is expected to continue.

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